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The Movement Foundations Course

Have you faced the challenge of bridging the gap between your degree and the complexities of client programming and rehabilitation? Well, guess what? We have too!

That’s exactly why we’ve crafted this course. Drawing upon years of clinical experience, continuous professional development, and a constant thirst for knowledge, we have meticulously deconstructed the concepts that were not covered during your university or practical education.

What you’ll learn

Module 1

Anatomical and Genetic Variations

Learn how anatomical and genetic variations can significantly influence human movement patterns and biomechanics. Acquire practical skills to effectively assess and discern these characteristics, enabling you to design targeted and adaptive programming strategies for your clients.

Module 2

Dive into the art of conducting a full body assessment. Discover the essential skills and techniques necessary to identify mobility or strength deficits that can potentially lead to technique breakdown, pain, or injury.
By honing these assessment skills, you will gain the ability to pinpoint areas of concern, enabling you to develop targeted interventions and training protocols.

Module 3

Breaking Down the Main Lifts

Learn how to analyze the main movement patterns and compound lifts commonly performed in the gym. Gain access to an exercise library to resolve technique, strength or mobility deficits, and utilize this knowledge to create tailored gym or rehabilitation programs for your clients. Not only will you gain credibility as a health and fitness professional, but boost client retention based on your results.


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Prepare to delve into the intricacies of these movements as we explore common technique errors that may hinder optimal performance, cause discomfort, or lead to injury. You will gain valuable insights into identifying and addressing technique breakdown, allowing you to refine your coaching skills and guide clients or athletes towards safe and effective execution.

Moreover, this module will equip you with practical strategies to address various challenges encountered during these lifts. You will learn how to navigate mobility deficits, enhance strength development, and implement corrective techniques to manage pain and discomfort.

By the end of this module, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of these compound lifts, enabling you to assist individuals in overcoming limitations, optimizing technique, and maximizing their potential in the gym.

Intro offer $499